sábado, 8 de janeiro de 2011

Don't watch me dancing

Margarida has a strange appeal
sways between suthers on a broke heel
Of course her desires always messed up
She rather be scarred than scarred with love

In conversation she often content
Customs builds customs that have all dead-ends
She found her courage in a change of scene
The sunday social would be short it's queen
All her best years spent distracted
By this tired re-enaccments
With the right stuff
she would try her chances
Somewhere else

There he is a step outside of view
Presiding the words he hope she might persuit
Night upon night of faithful lie shore*
He only convinces legs across the floor

Please don't watch me dancing
oh no don't watch me dancing

Something changes when she glances
I'll have to teach you what romance is
With the right stuff
they tried their chances
Somewhere else

Please don't watch me dancing
don't watch me dancing
Please don't watch me dancing
don't watch me dancing

4 comentários:

Frida disse...


blackbird disse...

E eu agradeço-te a ti, que me deste, indirectamnente, a conhecer!

Filipe Faria (Colombia) disse...

ahh não conhecias? Bem, eles são brasileiros... O baterista do The Strokes, o vocalista do Los Hermanos... são simpáticos!

blackbird disse...

Não,não conhecia. Mas adorei conhecer.
Não sabia..."maneiro"! :))
Conheces, ou viste-os?